3D Eyebrow Tattoo

3D eyebrow Tattoo3D eyebrow Tattoo3D eyebrow Tattoo

3D Eyebrow Tattoo is the latest and most natural looking eyebrow enhancement available on the market. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos which are permanent, the new 3D eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent and can last from 1-3 years. This treatment is perfect for those who would like a fuller looking brow or those who would like to change their brow shape. The procedure takes about 1.5 hours and is virtually painless as numbing cream and lotion is applied to the area. Some clients even fall asleep whilst having it done!

There is no time and the aftercare is simple. Avoid contact with water on the eyebrow area for 1 week. No swimming, exercising, sauna, spa or facial until after 1 week. This will help your eyebrows heal properly and help the pigment absorb into the skin better.



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