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After a recent trip to Japan, I was inspired to create a Igari makeup tutorial aka “hangover/ drunk makeup look.” This look is really popular in Japan and the key feature is the blush. The blush is applied right underneath the eyes (and sometimes across the nose) to give a more flushed appearance just like when you’re drunk. It’s a very cute style of makeup that’s really easy to achieve.

Watch the video to find out more.


Earlier this year I went to my first 3 day festival at Splendour in the grass with the L’Oreal Colorista Squad. The festival was held during July which is winter here in Australia, and boy was it cold!

Planning my outfits for this event was not easy. I needed something comfy and somewhat warm to wear to fight off the cold weather. Below are the looks I wore.



I launched my own brand! Petite Cosmetics

September 21, 2017
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Hi everyone! I have some excited news! I’ve just launched my own eyelash brand- Petite Cosmetics. This has been in the works since the start of 2017 so I’m really excited that my brand is available online.

I’ve launched 5 eyelash styles and a Petite eyelash curler which are all designed for hooded and smaller eye shapes. Each style is made from synthetic fibres and are cruelty free. To check out the range visit or

petite cosmetics



Style: Fearless
Style: Passion
Style: Empower
Style: Dreamer
Style: Conquer

As most of you may know, I usually upload content about beauty and make-up but this year I want to try something new! I want to create some fashion videos for all the petite girls out there (I’m only 5’2″). Now, I’m definitely not a model or stylist but I do love fashion – who doesn’t!

So with the help of my lovely boyfriend Alfred, I’ve uploaded my first ever look book video! Hooray!! Please check it out and leave feedback in the comment section. I’d love to film more of these so if you have any ideas of what looks you want to see, just let me know!

Love you xx


I recently visited Mojka Hair in Sydney for a hair colour makeover. I went from having a brown/ blonde balayage to walking out the salon with light ash violet hair. I honestly didn’t plan on doing this but I let the owner of the salon, Michelle do whatever she wanted. After two full heads of bleach and six hours later, I had unicorn hair. Ta-da! What do you think? At first it was a bit of a shock to my nervous system but after a day or two I got used to it and now I’m ready for brighter and bolder colours!

If you want to see the whole process, check out the video below!


Alfred and I went on out first holiday together to Japan in October. We had an amazing time eating our way through the major cities of Japan. We also squeezed in a quick photo shoot in Kyoto with Sweet Escape– a photography service for people on holidays. You can find a local photographer in the city you’re travelling to, book them for a 2 hour shoot and receive the final edits a few days after. It’s a great service if you’re sick of using your selfie stick and want something more professional.


We also visited the hedgehog cafe and ate at the coolest sushi train in Osaka! If you haven’t seen the videos we filmed, make sure you check them out below 🙂


My channel has hit 1 Million Subscribers!

I honestly thought this day would never come! 3 years ago I registered a youtube account for fun and started creating videos about makeup and beauty. Fast forward to today and those videos are now being viewed by millions of people! Thinking about this makes me seriously nervous, but in a good way. I’m nervous about letting those people down and sometimes the fear of not being enough, creeps up on me. Like everyone else, I have self doubt but instead of letting that consume me, I try really hard to turn it into motivation. So far it’s worked for me so if you’re reading this, I encourage you to do the same. Take that leap and follow your dreams! Do what makes you happy and turn fear into fuel! Go get em tiger! REOW